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I miei servizi si rivolgono ad Enti, Imprese, Produttori, Distributori ed in generale a tutti coloro che necessitano l’aiuto di veri professionisti del vino.
Offrire una consulenza di alta qualitá per raggiungere insieme il traguardo del successo, risultato di passioni comuni e spesso... contagiose!
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A very extravagant website with some psychedelic features. It’s our first and very valuable experience of in-depth work with videos in web technology. We take great pride in this website

About the client

Igor Tsarenko is a bright person. He is a promising sound/video producer with a great future. We’ve known Igor for quite a long time and we believe that talented people always find each other. So did we.

The process

It was last fall when Igor Tsarenko started thinking about a website that would accurately represent his art and his style. In the end of the fall Igor contacted us. Surely that was a challenge for us. You always want to keep up the good work, especially when the client is your colleague in this broad “creative field”. There were many ideas. But the concept we selected to be the primary version was another challenge for us. We really had never done anything like that before. Thinking the elements’ animation through and preparing the materials for development consumed a great deal of time.

Despite the fact that it was our first website of this kind, we think we did perfectly well. This website helped us level up our skills and bring our quality to the next level.

Coming Soon


This is one of our most favorite websites. When the client contacted us, we didn’t even think this project would become one of our calling cards.


Very Berry is an event agency from Odessa, specializing in weddings, children and private events, corporate parties. The primary and the most developed direction of their business is weddings. The company has numerous partners, locations, and ready solutions for wedding organization.

The process

Before we started designing the website we thoroughly studied the competitors, analyzed the target audience of this kind of websites, and took into account the client’s wish to create an extraordinary and stylish site. Initially we had a few similar concepts, but after all agreed upon the current one.

It was quite interesting - devising the structure of the blocks within the selected grid, and trying out new kinds of elements’ animation was incredibly fascinating, as they turned out to be a great solution for this project. We chose crimson as the primary color, because the majority of the site’s visitors are women, and the primary trade of the company is weddings. As a result we managed to go beyond our favourite monochrome palettes and got a pretty bright and stylish design.

The website is adapted for all types of devices. Thanks to our developers team, the website works as smoothly and quickly as possible. The most rewarding part about this project is that it was warmly welcomed by the website’s visitors and the juries of different web-design contests

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HONOR Mention. Awwwards. 08 Aug 2016
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INTERACTION. Behance. 23 Jul 2016
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SOTD. CSSWINNER. 22 Aug 2016


The first website that we put up for nomination and won an award with.

About the client

Reva Studio is a website for the studio of a famous Ukrainian sculptor, architect and artist Mikhail Reva, who keeps making the world a better place with his diligent work and boundless art potential.

The process

The website was made as simple and accessible as possible, with usage of animations, color filters and extraordinary solutions. Especially we’d like to draw your attention to the view of the site’s navigation menu, which has become the most favourite feature of its visitors. Besides that, we put an emphasis on works’ displaying. We created an interactive journey throughout each and every photo in the gallery. You can zoom the images in and explore every work in detail and good image quality.



We were only in charge of design in this project.

About the client

Discounter is a project that helps you find discounts at different stores and services nearby. We created an unusual and modern style design, which is also dynamical.

About the project

The project isn’t in operation actually. This was just a design concept for certain functionality of a mobile app from our designers.


About the client

Co-dex is a coalition of people, who cooperate to create and carry out commercial projects in absolutely various fields. Co-dex are also one of our partners.

About the project

This is a one page promo site. It’s fairly simple, but also attractive with its’ modernity and bold creative solutions.

Ble Nearby
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INTERACTION. Behance. 26 Sep 2016


Making a technological product designed for a very narrow target audience? Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful too.

About the app

This is a design of an iOS application, created for developers of portable devices interacting with Bluetooth. The app helps test and scan devices for development and debugging. It was made in cooperation with our partners - a professional iOS app development team.

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