Food for Life. May I introduce you Valérie SENECLAUZE’s Shiitakés Champignons?



healthier with Shiitakés champignons.



We have met Valérie SENECLAUZE at her Chateau de Volan, in Malleval, France.

This is a beautiful place in the heart of Wine Vineyards well known around the world for the best Syrah.

Valérie has been awarded for her “takénade”, special “tapenade”.



Shiitaké is the most delicious Champignon which Valérie has choosen to grow in the cellars of Chateau de Volan, family’s property since 1914,  and built in 1456.

This mushroom is 5 times more powerful in a range of healthy food as antioxidant acting and stimulating of the immune system.

From September to April, Valérie can collect 30 kilos/day of Shiitakés Champignons.

In France, there are only 300 Shiitakés’s producers.

Valérie mainly sells the Champignons to the best Restaurants.



The rest  is naturally prepared and  packed for the visitors of Chateau de Volan that cannot leave this place without the temptation of buying these delicious Champignons and have them at their own house.

Valérie could also prepare the dinner with Shiitaké  mushroom as first ingredient.

She is extremely good in cooking for the guests of Chateau de Volan.


She could say:

“Food must be your first physician”

“I pick up what the nature gives me”


In a fews days a book will be published on Valérie’s Story.

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Scientific name of Shiitaké Champignons:

Lentinus edodes ou Lentinula edodes, Cortinellus shiitake ou C. edodes,Tricholomopsis edodes.Lentinus edodes ou Lentinula edodes, Cortinellus shiitake ou C. edodes,Tricholomopsis edodes.

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