Made in Soldera Mind


I’m lonely in a group of men toonight. 12106851_10154258209969377_4695273238190912956_n

In fact, the Soldera’s wines are soo expensive that it is difficult to effort a tasting like this.


  • Rosso di Montalcino 1976
  • Intistieti 1985
  • Brunello 1983
  • Brunello 1988
  • Brunello Riserva 1997
  • Brunello Riserva 2001
  • Brunello Riserva 2006


the years on tasting, on October 2015, 5th

at WineTip Head Quarter, in Milan.

Wine tip, the most well trained distributor on important italian and international wines in Milan has sold out the Soldera event.


I knew  Sir Soldera, the advocate,  more or less 6 years ago. I was young, ingenue and unprepared to meet a man like that, so you can imagine it has been a transcendental experience. Nothing has been the same, from that moment.


He likes being unpleasant but he didn’t realize that I didn’t care about that.


The result was that he offered the lunch to me and my husband that prophetic day.


In that period, I was working in a wineshop and I was being purpose every day his wine.

I’d like to know more about that  man and his vineyard, so I gained an appointment to his Case Basse in Toscana. The rest is history.


it had a bright ruby color with granate sparks and spicy scents


a sweeter nose, mushrooms and brushwood nose

Riserva 1997

Correctly made as the 1997 harvest required. Evident salty finish in the mouth


deeper color and coffe notes

Super dry mouth


Deeper and deeper in color.

The nose gives tamarind, candied onions and medical herbs scents

1985 Intistieti


1976 Rosso di Montalcino

Brown jade color, may I say:  Beautiful!?

Goudron, coffee, cipress eternal scents at the nose

THE BEST!  I ‘ve dedicated that wine to my Brother: Andrea.

1976 1976 was his birth







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